Got Water Damage? Learn What Can be Repaired and Restored


3 Tips For Protecting Your Home From Fires

When you want to be sure that you are able to keep your home safe and sound, you need to be certain that you are doing all you can in order to keep it fireproof. In 2014 the United States experienced some 1.3 million structure fires, accounting for close to $12 billion in damages and […]

Tips For Waterproofing Your Wet Basement

If you have a wet basement, there are likely numerous factors that are causing it. It could be the overall amount of moisture in the soil, the foundation of your home itself, or a number of other issues. Here are some tips for mitigating the problems that could be causing your wet basement that you […]

Understanding The Three Types Of Concrete Slab Joints

As your new concrete slab is poured for your commercial building remodel, it is essential that you understand the three different types of concrete joints that will be used and their purpose. These concrete joint types are: construction joints contraction joints isolation joints Here is some information about each type of concrete joint to help […]