6 Attractive Ideas For Granite Countertops

Granite is such a durable material, making it especially useful for kitchen countertops. Are you aware, though, of the numerous color and finish options that make granite an attractive option as well? Granite comes in almost any color, which is further varied by solid, marbled or speckled patterning. The stone also comes polished, honed or leather in finish. Select a granite countertop that best matches your kitchen décor.

70s Kitchen

There was a time when a 70s kitchen meant you needed to update the look. With the popularity of retro styles, though, you may choose to update your kitchen into a 70's look with greens and gold. For this makeover, select a speckled granite reminiscent of 70's vinyl in shades of green with gold flecks. Honed, which is matte, is an appropriate finish for an already standout countertop.

Pistachio Hues

Perhaps the 70s look is not quite your style, but you still want a green-hued kitchen. In that case, look for a cabinet color similar to pistachio ice cream. Further tone down the look with distressed finishing and beige walls. For this kitchen, Better Homes and Gardens suggests honed, marbled granite in beige matching the walls as most complementary to the cabinets.

Kitchen Island

If you have a square or U-shaped kitchen, an island may be essential for workspace. Create a multi-tasking island on two levels. The higher level offers a work surface, while the lower level provides casual dining space. Further that feeling of duality with complementary shades of granite on the two surfaces.

High Drama Kitchen

Do you want your kitchen to have a big impact? You can never go wrong with black and white, then. Paint walls white, and install white, glass-fronted cabinets. Appliances should be chrome. For this space, the drama comes from the glossy black granite countertops. Tone the look down with marbled granite, or go for high drama with a solid black surface.

Cottage Kitchen

Nothing says cozy like a cottage kitchen. If your kitchen's vibe is about welcoming family and guests, consider an inviting yellow palette. Oil-rubbed bronze faucets speak to country charm. Leather granite is a natural in this space. The textured look of the stone conveys the feeling that your kitchen has been well-loved for decades, even if it's brand new.

Modern Style

On the other end of the spectrum from the cottage kitchen is a modern style. Similar to the high drama kitchen, the contemporary version also starts with a white palette. However, the focus here is less on the color difference and more on maintaining clean lines. For that reason, consider having your backsplash done in subway tiles. Echo that symmetry with granite tiles instead of a seamless slab.

Select granite for your kitchen countertops not only because of its durability, but also because of its attractiveness. The color, pattern and finish combinations available in granite ensure your countertops, from places like Commonwealth Countertops, will complement any kitchen style.