How To Remove Baby Oil From A Pool

Even when you have a high-quality filter and are using the right chemicals, oils and suntan lotion can accumulate in your pool, resulting in a hazy, greasy skim on the surface. Many people use baby oil to try to get a deep tan, but on the surface of the pool it can look like a tiny oil spill has occurred. There are several things you can do to deal with this problem, as the following steps will demonstrate.

What You Will Need

  • Cloth Diapers or Absorbent Cloth Pads

  • Pool Skimmer

  • Filter Degreaser

Step 1. You need to have the pool as calm as possible while you're working, so turn off the pool pump to keep the oil from moving around or entering the filters. This will make the cleaning process much easier and more effective.

Step 2. Drop a cloth diaper or absorbent cloth pad onto the skim of baby oil you have in the pool. You want it to float on the oil skim until the cloth has become saturated. At this point, the diaper or absorbent cloth pad may try to sink, which you should prevent.

Step 3. Remove the diaper or absorbent cloth pad from the pool and replace it with another one. Keep repeating this step until you have removed all or most of the baby oil from the surface of the pool.

Step 4. Wrap a cloth baby diaper or absorbent cloth pad around your pool skimmer. Run the pool skimmer along the surface of the pool to try to get any remaining slicks of baby oil that might have escaped you. Do this until the cloth is saturated. Repeat this step if necessary with more baby diapers or absorbent cloth pads.

Note: While you can move the diaper or absorbent cloth pad across the water by hand if you don't have a pool skimmer, it's much easier and more effective if you use a skimmer.

Step 5. Use a degreaser to clean your pool filter in order to get out any baby oil that may be inside. Follow your manufacturer's instructions when doing this, since the procedure will vary according to the type of filter you have.

Step 6. Replace your pool filter and turn the pool pump back on.

Step 7. Since the baby oil in your pool may have affected the chemicals you use to keep your pool clean, you may want to do an additional chlorine treatment in order to get the water back in the proper chemical balance it was in before.

If you find you're having problems getting your water completely clear, call a pool water company like Easton Pool & Spa.