HVAC Maintenance: 3 Reasons To Never Cancel Your Annual Appointment

Most HVAC contractors recommend having your heating and cooling system serviced at least once a year in order to maximize performance. Unfortunately, while many homeowners will schedule this annual maintenance, far too many of these homeowners will ultimately cancel their appointment due to their belief that this maintenance is either unnecessary or not cost effective. If you have shared in these beliefs in the past, the information below will ensure that you see things quite differently in the future, and that you never again cancel your annual maintenance appointment.

Annual Maintenance Can Reduce The Frequency Of Your Repairs

As part of your annual maintenance service, a qualified contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire heating and cooling system. This will allow them to identify any parts that may be showing visible signs of excessive wear and tear. Replacing these parts during your annual service will allow you to prevent a major system failure that could result in significantly higher repair costs. Furthermore, by identifying these problematic parts before they stop working altogether, you will be able to avoid any unnecessary strain being put on the other parts of your heating and cooling system. This can result in significantly fewer repairs over the life of your system.

Proper Maintenance Can Result In Lower Energy Bills

Before inspecting your heating and cooling system, your HVAC contractor will clean the entire system. This includes your coils, compressors, exhaust system, and air ducts. By removing any dirt and debris from your system, you will be able to improve air flow and ultimately reduce the amount of energy your system must consume in order to keep the air circulating. This is yet another way in which these annual services can help you to save money in the long run.

Your Warranty May Be Voided In The Absence Of Professional Maintenance

The purpose of a manufacturer's warranty is to protect you against a financial loss in the event that your system fails due to faulty parts or poor workmanship. These warranties are not intended to cover the cost of repairs that could have been prevented through proper maintenance. This is why most warranties will require you to follow the recommended maintenance schedule that accompanied your heating and cooling system. This includes the need to have the system professionally maintenance once a year.  A failure to live up to this requirement could result in your warranty becoming null and void long before its original expiration date.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a better understanding of why an annual HVAC service is so important, it is time for you to begin enjoying all of the benefits that come along with proper maintenance. In order to accomplish this goal, simply pick up the phone and contact a reputable HVAC contractor (such as All American Air & Electric, Inc.) in your area to schedule your annual service today.