Roof Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

It is important that you take the time to conduct a few routine maintenance tasks on your roof to keep it in the best possible condition. Ignoring your roof can lead to unnecessary problems that may result in needing to have repairs. Here are some instructions for you to follow to be able to do your own routine roof maintenance.


When doing roof maintenance you will want to make sure you have a pair of sturdy skid-resistant soled shoes for when you walk around on top of your roof. It is a good idea to have someone else available to help you spot the ladder and to make sure that you do not fall. The best times to do routine maintenance is in the spring after cold weather may have damaged parts of the roof and in autumn to make preparations for the winter months.

The Gutters

One of the most important parts of roof maintenance is to keep the gutters clean and free of any debris. If you allow gutters to fill with water, it may back up underneath your bottom layer of shingled, causing water damage. 

To clean gutters, you will want to put on a heavy pair of gloves so you do not injure yourself. You will want to bring a bucket up to the gutter and scoop all the materials out to be disposed. Afterward, you will want to clean the gutter by spraying it down with a garden hose. You can clean it further by scrubbing with a mild detergent with a sponge. 

Check the flow of the water after removing all debris. Make sure there are no obstructions in the downspout and that the water will flow easily away from the home.

The Shingles

You will want to get up on your rooftop each season to take a look at the shingles. You will be looking for areas that seem decayed, so the shingles can be replaced and so repairs can be made underneath. Any shingles that are crumbling or curling are suspect. Peel them back from the roof and take a look underneath. If you see any areas of moisture, you will want to replace the roofing paper, flashing and shingles in this area.

Pay close attention to areas that have parts protruding from the roof, such as around chimneys, skylights, or vents. These areas are more susceptible to water damage since there are seams where water can get through. Make sure the flashing underneath the shingles is in tact and without rust. Any parts with deteriorating flashing should be replaced.

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