Four Ways To Help Prevent Damage To Your Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs can break for what seems like no reason. When this happens, you could find yourself unable to get into your garage without calling a professional. The truth is there are several reasons that your springs could break, and there are ways to prevent it from happening. If you're tired of your garage springs breaking, consider the ways you can help prevent it from happening.

Seal Away the Problems

Your decks, the exterior of your home, and even your driveway need some form of waterproofing to prevent damage. The same is true of your garage door springs. If your springs are not properly maintained and sealed, you are inviting them to rust and break down at a must faster pace. One of the first steps you should take when you have new garage door springs is to either buy them with a weather seal coating already applied or to apply the coating yourself. You can do this with a spray seal located in most home improvement stores.

Avoid Cheap Springs

If you have had several broken garage door springs, you may have tried to replace them as quickly and cheaply as possible. The problem with these springs is that many of them don't have a warranty or any kind of long lasting life guarantee. They are also not sealed and ideally are for quick replacements until you can hire a professional to reinstall better springs for your garage door. To prevent garage spring issues, consider skipping the cheap options and jump headlong into professional replacement.

Consider Extended Life Options

Extended life springs are commonly overlooked because they may cost up to double of a traditional option, but they are said to last up to four times longer. These extended life options also come sealed against weather related and humidity related issues. You can find garage door springs with extended life warranties and options in your local hardware store. Another options is to have your garage door technician replace your broken garage door spring with a high quality option. This option will likely give you a longer lasting and higher quality spring for your money. 

Listen to Your Doors

Your door will start speaking to you when issues are on the horizon. For example, the first notification your door will give you to a possible spring problem is a squeak. It may not seem like much at first, but if you continue to notice it, you should call a technician (from places such as Plano Overhead Garage Door). They can sort out where the issue is, replace the problem, and ensure there are no other issues with the door.

The key things to remember about broken garage door springs is to put preventative maintenance in place and listen when you hear something that doesn't sound right. If you take those two things to heart, you can extend the life of your springs and avoid costly and continuous repairs.