Applying Sealant On Your Mobile Home's Roof

If you own a mobile home, keeping on top of roof leaks is important in order to save the interior from unwanted moisture and damage. Taking the time to do routine maintenance can make a big difference in how your roof holds up over the years. Applying a roof coating is recommended to help keep your mobile home's rooftop from leaking. Here are some instructions for you to apply a coating to your own mobile home rooftop.

Clean The Roof

Before you can add a protective coating to your mobile home's roof, it needs to be cleaned so the material will adhere without any obstruction. Use a broom to brush off any areas that have twigs, leaves, or other debris. Use a pressure washer or a garden hose to help remove any dirt that is embedded in your rooftop. If there are any areas with hard to remove dirt, use a sponge dipped in a mild detergent to scrub the material off of the roof. Rinse with water and allow the entire roof to dry.

Make Repairs

After your roof is washed, do a complete inspection of the roof to look for areas that are in need of repair. If you notice any areas with cracking or holes, fill them in with a weatherproof external caulk. Check all the screws or nails on your roof to make sure there are none missing or loose and replace or tighten if necessary. Allow the caulk to harden and dry before continuing with the sealant.

Add Coating

When adding sealant to your mobile home's roof, it is best to do it from a ladder so you do not risk smearing the material after it has been applied. Have a friend available to help spot you on the ladder and to bring up and take down supplies as you are doing the job. Add a coating of primer by painting it or spraying it on the rooftop. Allow this to dry before adding sealant.

Sealant can be placed by using a paintbrush. Take special care in sealing over nails and screws thickly so that water can not make its way underneath these pieces of hardware. After you have applied the first coating, let it dry overnight. When dry, sweep the roof again if necessary and add a second coating. When this dries, wash the roof with a garden hose or pressure washer and check inside the home for any leaking to make sure the sealant is working properly.