Provide A Safe Bathroom For The Senior In Your Home

If you are living with a senior, you want to make your bathroom as safe as possible. A lot of accidents can take place in the bathroom. They have obstacles that can be hard for a senior to navigate and have floors that get wet and slippery. If you have a senior living in your home, you can make the changes listed below to know that your bathroom is a safer place for that person.

Change the door so it opens outward

Most bathrooms have doors that open inward. Usually this isn't reason for concern. However, when you have someone in your home that's at a greater risk for falling, such as a senior, then it poses a risk. If they happen to fall in front of the bathroom door and need help, you aren't going to be able to open the door to get to them. Changing the door so it opens outward will allow you to get to them quickly if necessary.

Install non-slip flooring

It's hard to keep the bathroom floor from getting water on it and wet floors pose big risks to everyone, especially to seniors. You can have non-slip flooring installed that will cover the entire floor. If this is out of your budget then you can purchase non-slip decals you can place on the flooring to provide extra footing when the floor gets wet.

Place grab bars around the bathroom

Grab bars will help a senior to navigate the bathroom easier and safer. You should put a grab bar next to the toilet so they can have extra help sitting down and getting up. You should also put another grab bar near the bathtub to help them keep their balance when they get in and out of it.

Install a taller toilet

Your regular sized toilet may be a bit too short for the senior in your home to sit down on it easily. Getting a toilet that's raised up a few more inches can make all the difference to how comfortable it is for them to use the toilet.

Install a senior tub

You can have a senior tub installed in the bathroom. These tubs are also referred to as walk-in tbs. They have a door in the side of them that allows a person to simply walk in and out of the tub with ease. The door is waterproof when it is shut so you won't have to worry about water seeping out of it onto the floor.

Following the tips above will help you to provide the senior in your home with a much safer bathroom they can use in comfort.