Unique Ways To Use Space Underneath A Staircase

If you have a staircase in your home, the space underneath the steps is often overlooked as an area you can utilize. You can expand the usage of living space within your home by using the space underneath a staircase for a number of storage options. Here are some unique ways you can remodel the space under a staircase within your home.

A Private Library

Using wood to construct shelving underneath your staircase is a great way to gain storage area for books, opening up other areas within your home where books shelves were once using up valuable floor space. Have a remodeling contractor come into your home to construct a complete library underneath your steps. They will place sturdy wood panels on the underside of the steps and on the interior wall to help hold wood shelves in place. This can be enclosed in wood or be completely in view depending on your specific wants. 

A Pet's Paradise

Utilizing the room underneath a staircase to become a small pet getaway is a wonderful way to give your dog or cat their own haven of seclusion. A contractor would be able to build a wooden structure underneath the stairwell that would have a small entryway for your pet to use to get inside. When you peer into the entryway, you will notice an area where they can keep toys and lie down on cushions or pillows out of the view of guests. This safe area will be a favorite spot for your pet to get away from the action when they feel like taking a nap or want some alone time.

A Linen Closet

If you do not have a linen closet in your home, consider using the space under your staircase. Have a contractor build you several cubbyholes to house sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels. You can have a door installed on the side of the space-saving closet and keep your linens safely kept in an area where they are easily accessible by everyone in the family.

A Wine Storage Area

If you have a basement with a staircase, using the area underneath the stairs is a great spot for storing your unopened wine bottles. You can have a wine rack constructed to slide into this space and then have a door built to keep it enclosed and locked if you have children. This allows you a secret space to keep your wine for special occasions.