Ready To Scrap Your Broken Down Car? Get A Free Tow And Cash

If your car is broken down on the side of a road and you know you don't have the money to fix it, and that it isn't worth being fixed, you may not have to pay for a tow. Instead of paying to have it hauled back to your house, or paying to have it hauled to the junk yard, you may be able to make some money.

Depending on how much time you have to leave your car where it's at, and how fast you can find a scrap metal purchaser, you may be able to get cash that day. You'll have to start working quickly to look for a scrap metal buyer, and you'll want to search these places.

Classified and Garage Sale Sites

Online classified sites and garage sale sites often have people who are posting and looking for junk cars. You can post that you have one if someone is interested, or that you are looking for someone that buys junk cars. This should get you a response quickly, since these sites are often utilized by smart devices that people carry on them.

Call the Junk Yard

Call the junk yard and ask if they have a few names of people that come around and pick up scrap metal. The workers see the drivers of trucks and cars coming in and out with the metal, and they may be able to give you the name of a few different people, in case one of them can't get to your car right away. You can also contact professional scrap metal buyers, like Jp Salvage & Core, to see if they would be interested in purchasing your vehicle.

Social Media

If you use your social media to ask if there is anyone out there that wants to buy a junk car, you may find people that you already know that want to come pick up the vehicle. You can also search social media sites for company pages of companies that collect scrap metal. Social media is one of the easiest ways to interact with people.

If your car dies and you don't want to fix it and you don't have the money to have a towing company come and move it, you should get a hold of a scrap metal purchaser that looks for used cars. They will have the equipment to come pick the vehicle up wherever it is, and they will give you cash for the car as long as you can prove you are the owner.