3 Tips To Keep Customers Coming In During A Nearby Road Construction Project

If the road in front of your business is currently being worked on, you are probably looking forward to being able to enjoy a newer and nicer road for yourself and your patrons to drive on. However, you might be worried about losing business in the meantime. This is a legitimate concern, since a lot of people try to stay away from -- or at least quickly get out of -- road construction areas as much as possible. If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep your business thriving during a nearby road construction project.

1. Increase Your Signage

If the road in front of your business is all torn up and there is construction equipment everywhere, you can expect for people to be looking at and seeing all of that and not paying attention to your normal signage. Consider investing in temporary signs that you can post in the nearby area to help draw attention to your business. It can also be helpful to create temporary signs with messages like, "Still Open!" so that people will know that you are still looking to bring in customers during this tough time.

2. Get Online

Get on social media to let the community know that your doors are still open, even though the construction project is going on. It can even be helpful to provide helpful tips for your possible patrons, such as letting them know about alternative routes that they can take to your business. This information can be posted on both your social media accounts and your website.

3. Talk to the Media

It's not a bad idea to talk to the local media about the effects that the project is having on your business and to encourage people to still come in, despite the project. You might not expect much attention, but if you band together with other area business owners, you might get more noticed than you think. Just be careful about how you talk about the project -- you don't want to come across as being too negative, particularly about improvements that are being made to your community, but there is nothing wrong with letting people know that you are still open for business.

If you are worried about losing customers because of a nearby road construction project or have already seen a decrease in business, follow these tips so that you can still keep customers coming through your doors. Click here for more info about road construction.