3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning systems provide you with the cool air you need during the warm, summer months. They also dry up the humidity and provide you with a nice, dry environment. When the temperatures are blazing outside, you depend on your air conditioner to bring the temperatures inside down to a manageable level. When that unit stops working, you could end up struggling to make it through the day. Oftentimes, people end up waiting until their system is done for before they look into replacing it. To help save yourself a lot of time and hassle, here are a few things to look for that signal your system might need to be replaced.

Overall age of the unit.

The age of the system plays a pivotal role in how much longer it is going to last. The older the system is the more problems you can expect to come your way. Beyond mechanical breakdowns, you will also end up paying more in your energy bill every month. On average, systems can last around 10-15 years before they say you should look into replacing them. Since technology is constantly growing and changing, you don't want to be left behind with an ancient system.


If your system isn't cooling like it should, you probably need to look into having your unit replaced. Once your space starts feeling warm and humid even though the system is running, you are just throwing your money away on trying to cool the space. Your home should feel the same temperature regardless of whether you are in the living room or an upstairs bedroom. As performance declines, your costs for repairs and usage are going to rise.

Operating efficiency.

One of the biggest signs that your system is on its way out is a rising energy bill. If you are used to spending $50-75 each month and all of a sudden your bills start going up to $100-125, that generally means you have something going on with your system that needs to be addressed. Aging systems are going to cost you more in energy usage than anything else. Swapping out the old system for a new energy-efficient one will save you a bundle on your energy bill and possibly land you a nice tax rebate, though it's possible that it could be a minor issue that will simply need repair by a place like Davis Repair Service.

If any of these things sound like something you are dealing with, you might want to talk with an air conditioning specialist today about the different options available to you.