3 Tips For Protecting Your Home From Fires

When you want to be sure that you are able to keep your home safe and sound, you need to be certain that you are doing all you can in order to keep it fireproof. In 2014 the United States experienced some 1.3 million structure fires, accounting for close to $12 billion in damages and more than 3,000 deaths. You can work side by side with a general contractor to make your home as fireproof as possible. Consider these tips below in order to safeguard your home from fire to the best of your capability. 

Tip #1: Have A Contractor Provide An Inspection And An Audit Into Your Appliances And Be Mindful Of How You Use Them

When you want to keep your home safe from fires, the best thing you can do for yourself is receive an inspection from a general contractor. These contractors remain aware of fire codes for your local and surrounding area and will be provide an audit into all of your appliances. You should be especially mindful of appliances like turkey fryers, which provide tremendous fire hazards due to the splashing of the oil used. They will also take inventory of the situational spacing of heaters and other potentially hazardous electrical appliances.

Tip #2: Install Smoke Alarms And Keep Them Viable And Working

According to fire statistics, 940 home fire deaths are due to the absence of smoke alarms. You should have a general contractor install a high quality smoke alarm into your property and also frequently test them to make sure they are functioning properly. They will keep your fire alarms calibrated and prevent much of the danger of fire hazards in your home.

Tip #3: Have A Contractor Safeguard Your Furniture

One of the largest fire hazards on your property is exterior furniture. You can have a general contractor make this exterior furniture as safe as possible by applying a chemical that is fire retardant. This way, your outdoor furniture will not pose nearly the same risk, especially in summer barbecue season. If you already have outdoor furniture, check with your manufacturer to see if the furniture already has been fireproofed. In many situations, the furniture label will explain such.

So take advantage of these points to be sure that your home get the care and safeguarding responsible for preventing home fires. For further help, touch base with a general contractor like C & Z Construction that can assist you.