Six Kitchen Improvements You And Your Pets Will Love

If you are planning a kitchen remodel and have pets, you may want to take them into consideration when designing your new space. Here are six improvements you could incorporate in your new kitchen that will have both you and your pets wanting to spend all your time there.

Under-counter Bed or Kennel

Pets love to spend time wherever the family is, and usually, that's in the kitchen. But having beds and crates underfoot cramps space and poses a risk for tripping or burns. If you leave a cabinet empty of shelving, however, you can put a bed or kennel there for your dog.

Built-in Bowls

Food and water bowls are another risk for hazards in the kitchen, and they can make a tidy kitchen look messier. But if you build pet bowls into the end of a kitchen island or counter, they'll be tucked away and off the floor. You can also have them pop out of the wall or slide out of the floor on a drawer built into the baseboard.

Slide-out Food Bins

When you plan your kitchen cabinets, you'll probably have one that slides out to hold a trash bin. Do yourself a favor and build a second one like that next to your built-in food bowls to hold a bin of kibble. You'll have less mess and strain when it comes to feeding your pets.

Pocket Gate

If there are times when you want to keep Fido in or out of the kitchen, a gate is a great solution. But detachable baby gates can be a pain to use, and traditional garden-style gates take up a lot of swing space. Instead, build a pocket gate into the wall that can slide out of the way when you don't need it and won't take up any additional real estate.

Place for Kitty to Escape

If your cat likes to be in the kitchen along with the pooch, it can create some stress if the dog takes over the space or steals kitty's food. Consider adding more under-counter space for your cat, like the kennel mentioned above, but use a small entrance, so the dog can't get in there. If you have to keep the litter box in the kitchen, this is also a perfect way to get it out of sight and give your pet the privacy most cats desire.

Heavy-duty Flooring

Finally, with animals in the kitchen, your floors can take a beating. Wet paws, spills, and puppy incontinence can ruin wood floors, which are a popular choice for kitchen flooring.

You can get the look of real planks, however, with decorative concrete, stamped with faux intricate knots, rustic nail heads, and a grain that looks like authentic distressed wood. Advantages to decorative concrete floors include

  • They are easier to keep clean than hardwood.
  • Your pet's nails won't scratch the surface the way they will wood floors.
  • Decorative concrete doesn't hold odors the way wood does.
  • You can choose from a range of colors that simulate real wood, from warm browns to weathered gray.
  • Concrete floors are extremely long lasting, so you and your pets can enjoy them for years to come!

If you're interested in decorative concrete flooring, contact a company like Stephens & Smith Construction Inc for more information.