Live in a Mobile Home? Be Alert to These Plumbing Issues Through the Winter

Mobile homes have their advantages for sure, and many of the most modern are created to be almost as structurally sound as an actual house. However, where plumbing is concerned, the systems in a mobile home can sometime be lacking in stability and function. This can especially be an issue when the weather changes and the cold winter season moves in. If you live in a mobile home, you should gear yourself with a bit of knowledge about how your plumbing can be affected through the winter months. Here is a quick look at a few winter plumbing issues you should be alert to in a mobile home. 

Problem: Frozen water-delivery lines. 

Symptom: No water coming through the faucet when you turn it on. 

Because mobile homes are designed to be portable, the plumbing systems of the home are usually tucked just beneath the home, and they are not always well insulated to be protected enough from the weather to prevent freezing. Frozen water-delivery lines can be a major headache, but they can also lead to major problems because frozen plumbing lines can bust. Water tends to expand and change shape when it freezes, and this can put a lot of pressure on the pipes and cause them to rupture. To resolve the issue of frozen pipes in your mobile home, you will need to invest in an electric heat tape that you plug into an exterior outlet and wrap around the pipe. 

Prevention of frozen water lines can be handled solely with a heating tape, but it is a better idea to implement some form of plumbing insulation around the lines themselves. Make sure the underpinning on the mobile home is that of insulated materials, and don't be afraid to also add rolled insulation to the underside of your home as a preventative measure. 

Problem: Frozen drainage lines in sinks or toilets. 

Symptoms: A drainage point seems suddenly clogged. Toilets will not flush, and other receptacles like bathtubs and sinks will not expel water. 

Drainage lines can freeze rapidly in a mobile home. Because mobile homes usually sit a little higher above ground than a typical home, the drainage lines leading from the mobile home to the exit point, such as a septic tank, are more exposed to cold air. To resolve frozen drainage lines, you can use the same methods you would normally use for thawing a water inlet line, whether it is heat tape or otherwise. However, extreme caution must be taken to check for busted drainage lines because you don't want raw sewage or grey water leaking out beneath your home. 

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