3 Simple Ways To Reduce False Fire Alarms

The installation of fire alarms in your commercial space can be an easy and effective way to prevent injury or death in the event a fire breaks out while your employees or customers are inside.

Unfortunately, fire alarms can sometimes be triggered in error. These false alarms can create quite a mess, especially if your alarm system automatically dispatches fire personnel to your location. Here are three simple things that you can do in the future to help reduce the number of false alarms created by you fire alarm system.

1. Service your fire alarm equipment regularly.

In order to perform properly, your fire alarm equipment needs to be serviced regularly. Taking the time to have the sensitivity of your smoke detectors and heat-sensing triggers checked can help you avoid having a false alarm triggered by faulty equipment.

Experts suggest that you engage in routine maintenance and testing at least once every six months in order to ensure that your fire alarm system is functioning at optimal levels.

2. Rely on professional installation.

If you need to install new smoke detectors or fire alarms, you should always rely on the help of a professional. Technicians with experience installing delicate fire alarm systems can add or replace equipment within your existing fire alarm system without compromising performance standards.

If you try to install new or replacement equipment yourself, you could alter the sensitivity settings on your equipment so that more false alarms are sounded. Eliminate the unnecessary stress created by false alarms by opting to leave equipment installation to a professional.

3. Take the time to understand your system.

User error can be one of the causes of a false fire alarm. If your fire alarm system is monitored as part of a larger safety monitoring system that services your entire commercial building, you need to understand how your system works in order to avoid triggering a false fire alarm.

Asking your installation professional to explain the system's features, overrides, and procedures in-depth will help you better navigate your security system while avoiding user errors. The fire alarm monitoring company can also help.

Fire alarms can be beneficial in the event a fire breaks out in your commercial building, but false fire alarms can create unnecessary work and stress for both your company and fire personnel. Be sure that you are taking the time to service your equipment regularly, rely on a professional for installation, and learn about your system to reduce false fire alarms in the future.