3 Reasons To Have Trees Trimmed Away From Your Roof

Mature trees add beauty to your property and shade for your home. However, they can become a nuisance if they are not maintained properly. In particular, the trees near your home need to be trimmed so the branches grow away from your roof and don't damage your home. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a tree trimming service, such as Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., to cut back the trees.

Too Much Shade Encourages Algae And Mold

If there is a thick canopy of branches above your home, very little sunlight may reach your roof. If the roof is kept in shade most of the day, then algae or mold can begin to grow. This is a problem whether your roof is asphalt shingle, metal, or tile. since the roof becomes discolored and ugly. To keep it looking nice, you'll have to wash the roof regularly, which has the risk of causing damage that leads to roof leaks. Algae and mold can even damage asphalt shingles and cause them to deteriorate quicker.

Trimming the branches away from your roof may help solve this problem. However, depending on the way your home and the trees are oriented towards the sun, the tree trimming service may need to thin your trees as well. This involves removing some of the inner branches so sunlight can filter through to your roof better.

Trees Provide A Route For Dangerous Pests

When you have the trees trimmed away from your house, they should be cut far enough away that pests can't use them to jump on your roof. Trees close to your home provide a convenient way for rats, squirrels, and other destructive mammals to climb onto your roof and chew their way into your attic. A raccoon may tear up shingles trying to get inside, and this can lead to a roof leak. If the animals work in a valley or other hidden part of the roof, you may not even know your roof is damaged until you see signs of a water leak. If the limbs are low enough that the branches touch your roof, then there is a risk of insects crawling up the tree and invading your home. You could end up with carpenter ants or termites chewing up your attic.

Trees Pose A Danger During Storms

If the tree branches aren't scraping your roof, you may not think they will do any harm. However, you want to keep in mind that when it rains, the water weighs down the branches. They may not touch your roof on a sunny day, but when it rains, the branches might press against your roof. Add this to the constant motion of winds during a rain storm, and over time, this could be enough to cause damage to your roof. The limbs could scrape off asphalt granules or lift up the shingles. Also, if your trees haven't been maintained throughout their lifetime, there could be weak or dead branches that a storm can easily knock off. Falling branches may damage your roof or at the very least get caught up there and become an eyesore until you can get them cleaned off.

Trimming branches away from your roof can be tricky since you don't want the branches to fall on your roof. Plus, it can be difficult to reach them with the roof in the way. The best solution is to hire a tree trimmer to cut back the limbs while the tree is young so the branches grow away from your house. However, it is never too late to get your trees in shape, even if they have been neglected for years. Your home will be safer, the trees will be healthier, and manicured trees will improve the curb appeal of your property too.