3 Major Ways Putting Off Cleaning Your Gutters Can Damage Your Business

If you own the building that your business is located in, it is important that you stay on top of routine building tasks, such as cleaning the gutter and the roof off. If you fail to keep up with these tasks, it can have serious consequences on the overall health and longevity of the building that your business is located in. Here are a few ways that putting off cleaning your gutters can actually damage the building that you are in and cost your business more money in the long-run.

#1 Damage To Siding Of Your Building

When your gutters are not cleaned out, the water still has to go somewhere. What typically happens is that the water, instead of being directed through the gutters and out through the appropriate drains, will cascade over the edge of your building. This can cause water to get all over your siding, including behind it. When this happens, your siding can start to rot, first where you can't see it, and then eventually, in ways that are more obvious and damaging. Water going down and under your siding can ruin your siding, your window frames and even upset your door frames as well.

#2 Damage To Your Foundation

An even more serious consequence of having gutters that overflow is foundation damage. When your gutters overflow, all of that water hitting the ground will cause the dirt around your building to wear away. Over time, this can lead to damage to your foundation as too much water seeps into the foundation and causes it to move. Damage to a foundation can cause a building to get condemned.

#3 Soil Erosion

All that water overflowing from your gutters can also cause soil erosion around your business, resulting in the dirt getting washed away at a faster than natural rate. If you have plants around your business, this can cause the plants root base to get destroyed and can compromise the quality of your landscaping. The soil erosion can also result in water more easily making in into your basement and causing you basement flooding and mold problems. Mold issues can be tough to combat and should be avoided at all costs, especially in a business. You don't want your goods to get damaged or be contaminated with mold. Mold can also compromise the health of your employees and your

Don't put off cleaning the gutters on the roof of your business building. If you don't have time to do it yourself, this is a great time to invest in having a contractor like those at Wrights Gutters & Guards complete the job for you.