How You Can Use Decorative Rocks In Your Landscaping Design

Landscaping designs aren't just about shrubs, flowers and a plush, green lawn. You can include whatever you want in your design, including decorative rocks. Don't quite know how to include these in your yard? No worries; here are some awesome tips to help spice up your landscaping with decorative rock.

Mulch Alternative

Decorative rocks are an awesome alternative to traditional mulch. Not only do they offer an enhanced look, they offer several other benefits. At the helm of them is the fact that rocks stay in place longer than mulch.

On a windy day, you can be less concerned that your rocks will blow all over the place, which isn't the case with mulch. Mulch is also prone to fading, which is one of the reasons you should replace it once every season. Rocks can last far beyond this period and aren't subject to the same level of fading.  

Focal Point Idea

Especially if you are in a desert environment or your landscaping design doesn't include a flower bed, decorative rocks can serve as the perfect focal point. When looking for an option, try to find a decorative rock on the larger side that is in a unique shape and is in a contrasting color to the rest of your design.

One idea is to install the rock in the middle of a group of shrubs. If you have a very large space, you might even consider purchasing two large rocks to create focal points on each side of the space.

Garden Path

One of the best ways to incorporate decorative rocks into your design is to use them to form a garden path. Concrete is intrusive and most importantly, it is permanent. If you have a slab of concrete installed (which is pricey and requires a professional), you're stuck.

However, with decorative rocks as your path, not only are you afforded a less intrusive look that blends in better with the environment, should you decide to make some changes in the future, you can simply remove the rocks and start all over. For an awesome design, try to use a blend of rocks that contrast in color and in shape.  

These represent just a fraction of the ways in which you can incorporate decorative rocks into your space. For more ideas, you simply have to be creative and remember that you can use these rocks however you see fit.