Is Your Business's Roof Leaking?

A leak in your business's roof could not only mean soaked customers and employees, but damage to your inventory. Therefore, it is important to identify and repair leaks immediately. If you suspect your roof has a leaking problem, here is what you need to know.

What Are the Signs?

Although the most obvious sign of a leaking roof is actual water falling from the roof, there are other signs that you should look for. On dry days when there is no water to leak, you need to be able to determine if there is a problem before the next rainy day.

One sign that there is a leak is stains on the ceiling and walls. The discoloration will be near the location of the leak. In your inspection of your ceiling and walls, do not forget to check inside your attic for signs of discoloration.

Your nose can also help you detect a leak. The water can leave behind damp walls, flooring, and other items. Over time, mold can grow in those areas and leave behind a pungent odor. Mold should be immediately addressed because it can cause health problems for anyone that enters the building.

Your investigation should include your gutters. Granules from your roof's shingles will wind up in the gutters whenever there is rain or snow. The granules are one of the first signs that you will have that your shingles need changing, too.  

While inspecting your gutters, you need to check the flashing around the vent pipes, scupper boxes, and rooftop heating and cooling unit. Even though the flashing was properly seamed at the time of installation, environmental factors can cause the seams to deteriorate. The result is an opening for water to get into your business from the roof.

What Can You Do?

You should contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible. He or she can inspect the roofing, find the source of the leak, and make repairs. If you cannot have the problem immediately cared for, you need to work on controlling the leak. There are several ways to do this, including using the pencil method.

For instance, if you have a leak in the middle of your ceiling, you can poke a couple of holes into it using a pencil. Place the bucket and towels beneath the holes and allow the water to drain there. This will prevent a buildup of water that could cause significant damage to the roof. For more information, contact companies like Danny Odom & Son Roofing.