3 Options To Give Your Home Additions And Remodeling Projects Comfort

When you are doing additions or remodeling projects to your home, you will also need to decide what to do about mechanical systems like plumbing, electrical wiring and HVAC. Usually, plumbing and electrical systems can just be tied into existing mechanical systems, but your HVAC presents a problem because they are usually sized and designed for the existing home. To ensure your remodeling project is comfortable when finished, you will want to choose an energy-efficient HVAC solution. Here are some of the options to consider for adding energy-efficient comfort to your remodeling project:

1. Adding to An Existing HVAC System When Possible and Cost-Effective

If you have a large existing HVAC that is oversized for your home, there is a possibility that you can add to the existing system. You will need to meet with an HVAC contractor and talk with them about updating the ductwork to add AC to the area of your home that you are remodeling. This is a good idea if your HVAC is newer and energy-efficient, but if you have an older system, you may want to consider other options.

2. Upgrading Your Home's HVAC With a High-Velocity Duct System

Another improvement that you may want to consider is giving your home high-velocity HVAC. These are special systems with compact ducts that can easily be installed in existing homes. High-velocity systems are ideal for home's that have never had heating and cooling, remodeling projects, and where a limited amount of space makes the installation of conventional ductwork difficult.

3. Adding Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling with Ductless Heat Pumps

If you are looking for an affordable and energy-efficient solution to add heating and cooling to your remodeling project, ductless heat pumps have a lot to offer. These are specially designed ductless air conditioning systems that use heat pump technology to cool your home. They also have the added benefit of providing you with efficient heating in mildly-cold weather. Ductless heat pumps are ideal for small family homes and air-conditioned spaces where you want to have a separate system, such as for a sunroom or small finished basement area. Split systems or multiple heat pumps can be installed to heat and cool larger homes or to do zoned air conditioning designs. 

These are some of the options that you will want to consider adding energy-efficient HVAC to your remodeling projects. If you need help with adding comfort to your home addition or remodeling project, contact an HVAC service and talk with them about ductless heat pump installation.