Security-Focused Details To Think About When You Buy A Marijuana Grow Facility

If you're thinking about buying a marijuana grow facility in your area that is currently for sale, you'll be taking one step toward a business that has a high potential to be lucrative. From the minute you conditionally buy the location, you need to be thinking about the steps that you can take to make the premises secure. A marijuana grow facility may have tens of thousands of dollars' worth of plants at any given time, which could make it a target for criminals. On-site security is a must, but you should also plan to partner with some local contractors to implement the following security-focused ideas.

Security Fencing

Security fencing can be a major deterrent to would-be criminals who might wish to target your marijuana grow facility. There are a couple of considerations with fences. You want the fence to be constructed in a manner such that it hides your building from plain sight, and also so it is difficult to get through or over. A chain-link fence can be suitable if desired, but you should think about privacy screens throughout it. Additionally, you'll want the fence to have a gate that spans across the driveway to the building and has barbed or razor wire across the top.

Suitable Paint

You should also think about hiring a painting contractor to give the exterior of your building a new look. In some cases, you'll want to paint over any markings that were present on the building under previous ownership. A nondescript paint job can make the building fail to stick out to people who are driving past, which can be effective. Additionally, the new look may convince would-be criminals that the building has a different use. For example, if a criminal had been assessing the building in the past with the intention of breaking in, he or she may return, see the new look, and think that the building no longer holds marijuana plants.

Video Surveillance

Hiring a security contractor is another worthwhile endeavor once you take ownership of the marijuana grow facility. Security is paramount, and there are few things more effective than having security cameras on the fences and the building itself, as well as inside the building. Sensors on the driveway and around the fence's perimeter, as well as motion-activated lights, can all help to make your facility impenetrable to criminals, which should always be a central focus when you run this type of business.

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