Pros And Cons Of Building A Garage Below Your Home

When you're designing a custom home with your builder, one question that you'll need to answer is where you'll place the garage. Two common choices are attached to the home or apart from it, but some people go with the alternative option of building the garage below the home. This is an idea that your custom builder can implement, and you'll end up with a unique garage position. Here are some pros and cons of this arrangement to consider.

Pro: Good For Small Footprints

If you have a large plot of land, you might be happy with building the garage several yards away from the house. However, if you're building on a relatively small lot, it can make sense to build the garage below the house. In a tight area, you may have to otherwise compromise on the size of the house or the size of the garage. When you place the garage below the house, you may be able to keep both structures at your preferred size.

Con: Limits Your Basement Size

Not every homeowner favors having a basement, but if you do, a garage below your house may not be suitable. Unless you're going to do a lot of excavating, the garage will likely take up some of the space that would otherwise be your basement. This can leave you with a smaller basement than desired. If you have children and envision a large basement for them to play in, you may prefer to keep the garage as a separate building above the ground.

Pro: Offers More Security

Building your garage below your house can make this area more secure. A garage above the ground may have multiple points of entry, including the doors and the windows. An underground garage won't often have windows and may only be accessible via the roll-up door — an access point that is difficult to breach. If you have valuable cars that you plan to keep in the garage, you may feel more comfortable about having the structure below your home.

Con: Potential For Garage Odors In Your Living Space

Depending on how you plan to use the garage, you may find that it develops odors. For example, if you store your lawnmower or some spare gas tanks for your boat, the space may have a faint smell of gas. If you work on a car, the smell of motor oil may be present. If the garage is under your house, some of these smells may flow up into your living space, especially when the door is open.

Regardless of whether you want your garage below the house or beside it, your custom builder can make your vision happen. For additional information about having a home built, check out websites like