How Regular Septic System Service Helps You Avoid Costly Repairs

Sometimes it's obvious when your septic tank is having problems, because you can see sewage in the yard or smell a foul odor. Other times, damage might not be as easy to catch. This poses the risk of the damage escalating and becoming more costly to repair. That's one reason regular servicing of your tank is important. The service professional will spot problems like a tank clogged with roots or that has a crack. Here's a look at how getting repairs early can save you from more expensive repairs.

Damage Tends To Get Worse Over Time

It's a good practice to keep trees cleared away from the septic tank, drainpipes, and drainfield. If you allow the trees to grow on your property near your septic system, the roots will be drawn to the source of water and nutrients. Since a tank is much larger than a pipe, it may take years for it to fill with enough roots to cause problems, and all the while the problem gets worse and worse. Once your toilet backs up or sewage spills into your yard, you could be looking a difficult and costly repairs to cut the roots out of the tank.

Besides causing clogs, tree roots can also cause damage to pipes and concrete tanks. When a pipe is cracked, it allows waste to leak into the yard, The pipe might even collapse on itself and block drainage. A crack in a septic tank allows sewage to leak out and that could damage the drainfield or create a toxic situation. Clogs in pipes that make up the drainfield could cause problems that make it necessary to install a new drainfield, and that can be expensive.

Regular Service Finds Problems Early

When a problem with tree roots is caught early, the problem is much easier to fix. Roots can be removed from drains with a water jet or drain snake. You might even be able to use root killing treatments for roots in the tank and drainfield, but it's best to talk to a septic service professional first about the suitability of using one of these products for your problem and how you should use it correctly.

Cracks are often easy to repair in septic tanks too as long as they are minor. They can be closed with filler just as you repair cracks in any kind of concrete. However, when the cracks get too big, it might be necessary to replace the entire tank instead.

One reason to have your tank pumped on schedule and inspected regularly is so tree roots, cracks, and other problems can be spotted early and repaired when it's easy to do so. Having to replace a septic tank is costly, and if you have to replace the drainfield too, you'll be looking at very expensive repairs that could have been prevented through proper maintenance of your system.

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