Window Replacement On A Budget? 4 Tips For A More Budget-Friendly Experience

Replacing old, mismatched, or drafty windows can instantly improve the appearance of your home. Even better, installing new, high efficiency windows may even result in lower heating and cooling bills for years to come, which is always good news for budget-conscious homeowners. Unfortunately, the initial expense for the purchase and installation of new windows can be too high for some homeowners to afford. If you are a homeowner who would love to experience the benefits of installing new replacement windows in your home but are finding the cost to be uncomfortably high, these budget-friendly tips may be able to help you make this renovation at an affordable cost. 

Skip retail options and look for contractor-grade windows

New home builders routinely cut costs by using materials that are considered "contractor- or builder-grade", instead of choosing more expensive architectural-grade products. In most cases, contractor-grade windows are just as durable as their more expensive counterparts, they just lack frills that drive the price up, such as more attractive packaging and marketing. 

Consider floor samples or returns 

Homeowners who need to replace one or a few windows in their home may be able to assemble the number they need by considering windows that have been used as floor models or samples or those that have been returned to the store. Windows made by different manufacturers may be similar enough in appearance to still look like they were custom matched after they are installed, so don't feel that you must purchase only a single brand.

Choose fiberglass frames over wood 

Another option that can result in a significant savings on the installation of new replacement windows is to choose fiberglass frames instead of wood. While wood is considered the premium material for window frames, fiberglass frames offer similar durability and an appearance that is very similar to wood-framed windows, once installed. If you live in an area where moisture or insect damage is a problem , opting for fiberglass frames instead of wood can be even more sensible. 

Look for additional ways to save

An additional option for saving money on the installation of new replacement windows is to look for contractors or window manufacturers who may be offering some type of discount or a low-interest payment plan. Some types of windows may also qualify for rebates or special tax credits. 

To learn more about any options that may be available to you to save money when installing new windows in your home, take time to discuss your budget and needs with reputable window replacement services in your area.