Three Timeless And Classic Exterior Colors For Your Business

You want to repaint the outside of your business, which can help improve curb appeal and preserve your building's foundation for longer. Painting the exterior of your business gives your property a fresh and inviting look and you want to select a color that will be both timeless and appealing. Here are three colors that look great on any building and will improve the appearance of your business.


White or even off-white — or eggshell white — is a neutral color that stands out when painted on classic brick or wood-structured businesses. White also looks great as a backdrop for a well-manicured landscape or ornate front entry or walkway. Consider white for your building if you have a small or square building design or if you have features on your property you want to stand out for greater curb appeal.


Gray is a power color and exhibits calmness and authority. Gray is a versatile tone that comes in many shades from a rich pewter to a soft pale gray. You can use gray for your building if you want a more professional appeal of if you have trim and door colors that are bold and need them to stand out well.

Gray is ideal for any business design. If your building is smaller, opt for a lighter gray tone. If your building is larger, a darker, more commanding gray works well.


Blue is known for its universal calming appeal. From rich navy to a soft blue-gray, blue is ideal for any business structure and adds a splash of color and beauty to any building's exterior.

Consider blue for your business if you have textured walls of stucco, brick, or wood cladding. Blue helps give your business greater visual appeal from the road so if you are tucked in among other establishments, you can be seen more readily.

You don't have to stick with a solid color to give your building's exterior a makeover. Consider pairing blue and off-white together for a charming building effect, or paint the majority of your structure's outside a rich gray while saving a softer blue or even a lighter shade of gray for the front entry. Your painter will help you select the right shades for your building and can even do touch up work periodically to keep your business looking amazing for years to come. Always hire a professional commercial painter to keep your business in great shape.

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