3 Benefits Of Retractable Screens For Your Home

Some homes have such amazing views the house is designed by architects and contractors with this in mind. Rather than traditional windows, the house has a large window or a series of double French doors instead to enjoy the view.

Window walls are also good when you want to merge the line between outdoor and indoor living space. For example, a large window wall in the kitchen that opens to the outdoor kitchen and dining area will bring the two spaces together.

As nice as having wide expanses of windows or French doors is, keeping the space completely open means it is open to mosquitoes, bugs, birds, mice, squirrels, snakes, and other animals small and not so small. Retractable screens provide one solution. Here are three benefits of using this technology in your home.

1. Retractable Screens Stay Out of Sight

When you don't need to use the screens, simply roll them up and out of the way. Most retractable screens have mechanisms that automatically retract the screens. Without the screens in the down position, your view out the window will be completely unfettered.

2. Retractable Screens Can Be Self-Cleaning

Most retractable screens work the same way window shades do. You pull the shade down when you want to darken the room, and when you want to let the sunshine in, you simply give the bottom of the shade a quick tug, release, and it rolls itself up.

When a retractable screen rolls itself up, it passes through a brush that wipes off any lint, dust, pollen, or other foreign matters. For a more thorough cleaning, you can easily use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently dust the screen. You can also use your garden hose on the mist setting, so you don't damage the screen but still get it clean.

3. Retractable Screens Are Versatile

You don't have to install your retractable screens only where you have window walls or door openings. Do you have a front porch on your home? With retractable window screens, you can pull the screens down on hot summer evenings and not have to worry about getting bit by mosquitoes or inundated with moths at your porch light. If you have a backyard gazebo with a bar or a poolside cabana, retractable screens will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, see what is going on, and still keep the critters away from you.