Pros And Cons Of Building A Garage Below Your Home

When you're designing a custom home with your builder, one question that you'll need to answer is where you'll place the garage. Two common choices are attached to the home or apart from it, but some people go with the alternative option of building the garage below the home. This is an idea that your custom builder can implement, and you'll end up with a unique garage position. Here are some pros and cons of this arrangement to consider. [Read More]

A Few Options For Drying Out Your Home's Crawl Space

A wet crawl space can pose big problems for your home. If the area is damp for prolonged periods, mold can become a big issue. The dampness may attract bugs and rodents. Your home might even sustain water damage that is expensive to repair. Dampness in the crawl space doesn't stay confined to that area; the musty odors and bugs will eventually affect the rest of your home, too. Even if you never go into your crawl space and you don't use it for anything, you'll want to have the water problem fixed and the space waterproofed. [Read More]

Security-Focused Details To Think About When You Buy A Marijuana Grow Facility

If you're thinking about buying a marijuana grow facility in your area that is currently for sale, you'll be taking one step toward a business that has a high potential to be lucrative. From the minute you conditionally buy the location, you need to be thinking about the steps that you can take to make the premises secure. A marijuana grow facility may have tens of thousands of dollars' worth of plants at any given time, which could make it a target for criminals. [Read More]

3 Options To Give Your Home Additions And Remodeling Projects Comfort

When you are doing additions or remodeling projects to your home, you will also need to decide what to do about mechanical systems like plumbing, electrical wiring and HVAC. Usually, plumbing and electrical systems can just be tied into existing mechanical systems, but your HVAC presents a problem because they are usually sized and designed for the existing home. To ensure your remodeling project is comfortable when finished, you will want to choose an energy-efficient HVAC solution. [Read More]