Installing And Caring For A Tankless Hot Water Heater

The water sitting in your hot water heater's holding tank is continually being heated and reheated while it waits around to be used. Every time the burner fires or the electric element heats up, it runs up your power bills. If you want to lower your monthly power bills and only heat the water your family uses, then a tankless water heater is the solution. These point-of-use heaters allow you and your family unlimited access to hot water whenever you need it without having to continually heat water sitting around in a traditional tank. [Read More]

Three Timeless And Classic Exterior Colors For Your Business

You want to repaint the outside of your business, which can help improve curb appeal and preserve your building's foundation for longer. Painting the exterior of your business gives your property a fresh and inviting look and you want to select a color that will be both timeless and appealing. Here are three colors that look great on any building and will improve the appearance of your business. White [Read More]